Teenage Acne And The Causes

generally about teenage acne

Pick any teenager or adolescent who is passing through puberty and there is a good chance that he or she would have a few pimples on the face. Teenage is the time of maximum incidence of pimples. In fact, teenage acne is so common that it has come to be believed as an exclusive teenage malady, although grown men and women are also affected by acne.

The reason why the incidence of acne is high in teenagers and adolescents is because of the increased rate of hormone creation in their bodies. The testosterone levels peak in males while in females it is the hormone estrogen. Androgens are produced in massive quantities during this period as well. The incidence of acne during teenage can be exacerbated if there is a genetic predisposition to contracting pimples or if the person is subject to a unhealthy diet that triggers excessive production of sebum which most of the time is the chief causative factor.

Most teenage children consume large amounts of fast food stuff like burgers and French fries and other eatables that are high in cholesterol and fatty oil content. The popular belief is that eating oily food increases chances of getting pimples or acne spots.

Pimples or acne spots or zits are cause by the clogging up of the sebum tract in the skin follicle causing it to swell and get infected by bacteria. The clogging takes place due to the covering up of the skin pores with sweat dirty or oily secretions from the skin itself. Teenagers are generally not known for their strict adherence to hygiene and hence are ideal candidates for the incidence of acne coupled with the other causative factors that have been mentioned.

It has been observed that most teenagers tend to pick at their acne spots thereby aggravating the consequent scarring. The psychological effect of the incidence of acne in teenagers is deep rooted and might have implications in their future growth as individuals.

Teenage is the most vulnerable phase of growth and children going through puberty are extremely self conscious and self critical. They also are susceptible to social insecurity and inhibitions and the onset of teenage maladies such as pimples and acne tend to lower their self esteem and give rise to a negative personal outlook.

Teenagers are desperate enough to try out any product available in the market or any cream or ointment or medication that promises instant relief from pimples. They are also more likely to fall prey to worthless products that possibly might have no effect on pimples but are marketed brilliantly focusing on teenagers. It is a booming business that takes advantage of teenage insecurities and uses it as a marketing strategy.

Because of the profound psychological and emotional impact of the incidence of acne in teenagers and the resultant lowering of self confidence and poor self image, It is imperative for parents to understand the depth of this problem and help out in terms of advise and counseling and by providing treatment and support to their children who are passing through this stage. It can go a long way in helping the teenager regain his foothold and become self confident once again.

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