Acne Types That Are Common

information about types of acne

Based on the severance of incidence or on its acuteness, one can classify acne into different types. There are many different variants of acne vulgaris or the common acne, the severity levels of which vary greatly. Their appearance may vary from small red or sore spots to huge puss filled inflammations on the surface of the skin that might become black heads or white heads. The acne types that are of common incidence are nodules, papules, pustules and cysts.

The different commonly occurring types of acne are classified based on the size of the area of infection and whether it is inflamed or not. There are tiny microscopic pimples that form on the skin which are not even noticeable initially but may flourish and develop into more severe and inflamed forms.

White heads are those pimples that look whitish on the crown or the peak and look like open invitations for squeezing or bursting sessions. Black heads on the other hand appear black at the tip due to the accumulation of the skin pigment, melanin that combines with dead cells and reacts with the oxygen in the air to give that appearance. Black heads are not squeezed commonly and tend to go away after a long time.

Papules are red bumps on the skins surface that do not look like mountain peaks and have no crown or tip that begs squeezing. In fact, squeezing a papule may cause the skin to distend and enhance the severity of the resultant scarring. Papules usually do not contain any filling of pus but may appear to be mildly inflamed.

Pustules on the other hand contain pus and are possible candidates for squeezing and bursting. They have a typical whitehead formation on their tip or crown, which is filled with dead cells and sebaceous excreta. The size of a pustule may be big or small depending on the amount of sebaceous or puss filling that it contains.

Nodules are bumps or lesions that occur under the skin and are much more severe when compared to pustules or other forms of acne. They are painful and can be felts as lumps under the surface of the skin. It results from the seeping in of the contents of an infected follicle deep into the skins surface. Nodules inevitably result in scarring and sometimes recur at the same spot.

A cyst is another type of painful acne spot that is similar to a nodule and is as large but with the exception that it contains pus. It has a tendency to swell and cause scarring and other complications if one tries to squeeze it.

Another acute form of acne is Acne Rosacea, which occurs as red rashes, particularly on the face in persons who are past their thirties, particularly in women. It can lead to other complications if left untreated. There are other much severe forms of acne like Conglobata and Fulminans that cause disfiguration and unavoidable scarring. Another type of acne, the incidence of which is gender specific is Pyoderma Faciale, which is a type of acne that affects only women and that too within a particular age group.

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