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best acne medications

There are many products that hit the market daily but none has as fickle a fortune as that of acne medications. The causes for these medications becoming either hot sellers or damp squibs can be directly attributed to the marketing techniques adopted by pharmacy companies that manufacture these products.

Most of the currently available acne medications in the market promise a sure shot cure to acne, irrespective of what kind it might be of. Although it is true that there are many over the counter drugs as well as prescription medications that are moderate to very effective in treating acne, none of them that promise overnight cures or instant relief actually delivers the same.

One of the most commonly used acne treating agents is Benzoyl Peroxide and in an active ingredient in most medications. It acts by destroying the bacteria that causes infection within the blocked sebaceous follicle. It is also helps in unblocking these follicles and acts as an antiseptic as well.

Since acnes are usually cause by the excessive production of sebum and the consequent blockage of the sebum tract, the medication does not ensure that the return of acne is ruled out. Most often than not, pimples recur as soon as the medication is stopped. It also has a few side effects like causing skin dryness, itching and dermatitis or other allergic reactions.

Using topical antibiotic ointments or oral intake of antibiotic tablets is another cure for acne albeit one requiring long term use of the antibiotics for any satisfactory result. Like Benzoyl Peroxide, it too has no permanent effect on acne and once the medication is stopped, the acne inevitably returns. The person who uses these oral antibiotic pills is also bound to suffer from the usual side effects of antibiotic ingestion like dizziness and an upset stomach.

Hormonal therapy and use of oral and topical retinoid are other forms of treatment that are prescribed for acne. Hormone therapy is used mostly in women and has minimal side effects. Retinoid are a chemical compounds that are similar in nature to vitamin A. The usage of these compounds either through oral intake or through topical application has many side effects and the effectiveness of the treatment is also debatable.

Some relatively recent developments in the field of medicine that have been applied to curing acne are Laser treatment and Phototherapy using red or blue light. Both these forms of treatment are relatively new and hence are still in the experimental stage although studies have shown that they are effective in the treatment of acne and have minimal side effects.

Using herbs to treat acne is an extremely alluring prospect in terms of possible lack of side effects and additional allied benefits that can be derived. Use of herbs like aloe vera, neem, turmeric and papaya extracts in different combinations have been found effective in treating acne and are used extensively in ayurveda and other eastern forms of medicine. Other home remedies for the treatment of acne include the use of lime juice, garlic, coconut oil and rose water in preparing various concoctions that are applied on the surface of the skin that is affected by acne.

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