What Is Acne? - The Truth

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What is Acne? All beauty conscious people have asked themselves or others this question at least once. Acne spots are aberrations that form on the surface of the skin due to clogging up of the tracts through which sebaceous glands produce sebum. These tracts are infected by bacteria, resulting in a red and usually ugly looking lesion that is sometimes inflamed on the surface of the skin. It is also commonly referred to as pimples or zits or just as acne.

Acne spots or pimples are found to occur most commonly on the face, but sometimes may also appear on the chest and back as well. Shoulders and upper arms are also areas that are vulnerable to the incidence of acne.

There are many factors that cause acne to appear on a person's skin. These include a genetic predisposition or vulnerability, hormonal changes that are caused during puberty, inadequate hygiene or a complete lack of it or even due to stress and consumption of certain medicines. Therefore, if your parents had pimples during their teenage then there is a high likelihood of you getting some too during your teenage days.

Puberty is generally considered to be the harbinger of acne spots and pimples. The incidence of acne during this period brings with it many associated psychological effects. Production of hormones in excessive quantities in both males and females during puberty is one of the chief causes of acne. In females, the incidence of acne is seen to increase during or before the onset of their menstrual periods.

Adolescence or puberty is a very vulnerable phase during with a person feels socially insecure and extremely self conscious and critical about his or her appearance. The occurrence of acne can cause erosion in a person's self esteem and also case many other psychological complications in young adults.

There is a common misconception that eating oily foods can increase the chances of getting acne or pimples. There is also a belief that drinking milk or consuming food that has high carbohydrate content may also cause acne spots to occur. It has also been proven through research that low levels of vitamin A and Vitamin E can also trigger the onset of acne in people.

For most individuals, acne spots slowly start to reduce once they pass their teenage and are completely gone by the time they are well into their twenties but for some others it may be a constant companion right up to their middle age.

Most people tend to worsen their acne situation by touching the acne spot or pinching it or trying to burst the inflammation and squeeze out the puss or whatever it Is that is inside. This causes the skin to distend and invariably results in scarring and pigmentation of the area. Although there are no sure shot ways to be completely free from the incidence of acne, there are medications available in the market that promise to clear acne spots without leaving behind any trace of it having ever occurred.

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