Acne Scar Treatment For Acne Sufferers

how to deal with acne scar

The skin condition known as acne can affect just about everybody, regardless of age or sex. Effective acne scar treatment for acne sufferers exists, though. And that treatment can involve several different methods or combinations of treatments, so take heart if you find yourself undergoing a bout of acne and then what might be called an acne scar after the episode.

It's a myth that acne as a malady is mostly a problem for teenagers or young adults. In fact, something like 20 percent of all adults will develop acne occasionally at one time or another in their lives. And acne that's left untreated or improperly or poorly dealt with has the potential to leave a scar or defect in the skin, which is the largest organ in our bodies. Children or teenagers tend to experience scarring more than adults, though, as they're a little less able to deal with acne on both an emotional and physical treatment level.

Even though there are several mild topical (on top of the) skin care products on the market which can help with mild scarring left by acne, most real improvement in the erasure of scars only comes from the combination of dermatological skin dermabrasion and certain types of surgical procedures. In every case, the best way to prevent having to deal with an acne scar treatment is to prevent an acne inflammation or lesion from appearing in the first place.

How we do such a thing is dependent upon how thoroughly we want to proceed after we've experienced acne and developed a post-inflammatory lesion. Prescription skin products like Retin-A or Renova can hasten the skin's self-repair efficiency, preventing severe or noticeable scarring from occurring. And always remember to never, ever pick at the scab left on the former acne lesion after it begins healing itself. It's there for a reason, and needs to be left alone. Anybody who's suffered from chicken pox realizes the wisdom behind this bit of advice.

Sadly, if a scar is indeed left behind, once the acne has been cleared away or has diminished, it will become necessary to have certain other procedures done to eliminate the scarring. Some people choose to have what's called dermal filling - a substance is injected under the scar to raise it to the level of the surrounding skin - accomplished.

The most commonly used filling is human collagen (fat). It's injected directly under the affected area. Unfortunately, this isn't a permanent corrective measure, and it'll be necessary to have it done again further down the road.

In increasingly-popular acne scar treatment is to have laser resurfacing of the skin performed by a trained dermatologist. With it, a special type of laser (either CO2, or an erbium: YAG or Er: YAG) is used to "lase" or burn away the top layers of the skin to a predetermined depth. The skin then repairs itself, replacing the burned skin with a new, fresh dermal substance.

It doesn't have to be the case anymore that someone who at one time developed an acne scar has to then suffer with it for the rest of his or her life. Some topical creams and many different medical procedures exist which can eliminate the scar once and for all. That's bound to be at least emotionally reassuring to someone who has an acne scar or two.

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